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You should never use Oils on your Face

Many of us have heard or been told that we shouldn’t be applying oils on the face.This is because Oils can clog the pores which in turn causes break outs in both teens and adults.As someone that has been using oils for over 3years and in fact nolonger use any soaps or foams on my face,I can say that this is not true.However I can say that there are certain oils to watch out for when you decide to take this path.I learned that while coconut has a ton of amazing benefits, for the skin,It’s a hit or miss when applied to the face.


It’s always a good practice to test on a small section before applying fully on entire face. 

There are several ways that I use oils,these include;make-up removal,cleansing the face,moisturizing and many more. 


Extra Virgin Olive oil is my favorite oil to use for almost anything skincare related.Yes for my face too!

After cleansing my face with Olive oil,I proceed to use a toner to remove any excess oil if needed then seal in the moisture using the Essential Face serum.


The Serum promotes suppleness without being heavy, living the skin with a smoother appearance.