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“In the beginning, I was making products for personal use but after witnessing the results I achieved along with compliments and feedback that continued to pour in, I decided to share my passion for natural products.

It's a Choice, it becomes a Lifestyle.“ - Sharmim

Our Story

Founded by Sharmim in 2014, Sharm Naturals was born from having experienced hair breakage and damage after using certain products that were packed with chemicals in the hopes of achieving desired hair goals.

While those goals were not achieved, that experience drove me into a deep passion to learn about natural oils, butters along with their benefits. I later discovered that the benefits were not only great for the hair, but also the body.

That deep passion for using natural and safe ingredients to care for my natural hair allowed me to formulate products that
are; multipurpose, effective and affordable which everyone can use. I believe that achieving desired results shouldn’t require the usage of products that are packed with harmful chemicals.

Our mission is to create chemical-free natural hair products for women of color who have experienced hair damage from using products that were packed with harsh chemicals and are now looking for a natural solution. This will also empower them to set their own beauty standard.

At Sharm Naturals, our products are packed with passion, natural and clean ingredients that will help you to achieve your desired results.